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"Днес от първите страници на вестниците и от сутрешните блокове вероятно сте разбрали, че през 2050 г. в страната ще има 800 хил. българи и 3,5 млн. роми. "

Google Translate renders "сутрешните блокове" as "morning shows". None of my dictionaries offers "show" as a translation of "block", but Google's translation certainly is plausible.

Is this a commonly accepted usage in Bulgarian? How did "блок" come to mean "show" or "program"? I am wondering if this is a borrowing from English, in which "block" can be used to mean a period of several hours: Broadcasters refer to "the 7 to 9 block" or the "4 to 7 block".

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    The word 'блок' has few meanings, but in this case, you are right - it means, exactly "period of several hours". 'Сутрешен блок' suppose to be Morning broadcast or something like this.

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