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更加 versus 更多


Please correct my Chinese.

他现在更加工作。He works even more now.

他现在更加爱她。He loves her even more now.

他有更多钱。He has even more money.

他喝了更多酒。He drank even more alcohol.

他跟她花更多时间。He spends even more time with her.


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    in most cases
    更加 describes a verb
    更多 describes a noun


    Hey,i am glad to help ;) 1) You made a mistake in the first sentence."他现在更加工作" sounds really strange ;P .We often use "更加" to express a kind of feeling -- the feeling that is stronger. The secone one is correct. We can see that in this sentence, "更加" expresses a stronger feeling,right? ;) So,I advise you to say "他现在做更多的工作" or "他现在工作更多了" ;) 2) Something is wrong with the last one,too.In fact,it correct,but we often express this meaning in some different way.A spends some time with B,And in Chinese,B usually should be at the back of the sentence.For example: "他花更多的时间陪她" ;) I hope it helps.And if you have any trouble learning Chinese,you can ask me freely,and i will try my best ;)

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