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How is the best way to learn Russian?

Hi! I´m Agentinian, so I talk Spanish and I ´m in an Intermediate level in English, and I would like to learn Russian, but when I read some thing in Russian it seem me impossible haha.
Thanks for your help!

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    I would not say it is impossible to learn Russian. It might be more difficult depending on your level of motivation, the opportunities you have to practice, or how well you deal with challenges. For me the primary challenges have been finding Russian speakers in my own country, and organizing my learning. I was not really scared of cases, verb aspect, or the genders like most Americans – this does not mean I don't make mistakes! I make a lot of mistakes particularly in aspect, but in the end I have learned from those mistakes.

    The best way to learn Russian is like any other language – you have to set goals, you need to have a strong motivational factor (I motivate myself by listening to my favorite Russian songs, conversing with native speakers, and imagining myself flying on a plane to Russia – there I meet friends, and we then do something fun together), and you need to practice the language and surround yourself with it. Russian is much more than six cases, two aspects, three genders and all those grammatical structures which scare foreigners. It is a rich and flexible language, and is spoken by many wonderful people! :)


    Hola Jerónimo,

    Hay muchas maneras. A mí me es más fácil entender información si me la explican a que si la leo. Si tuviste problemas con los libros, te recomiendo ver algunas introducciones a la lengua. Los siguientes vídeos puede que te ayuden.

    Hay varios vídeos más en ese canal, te lo recomiendo. Más allá de eso, hay mucho material, si te puedo ayudar en algo más, avísame.

    Russian language is very clear, if you see a base of words. for example

    Hola Jerónimo! Este sitio es buenísimo para principiantes:

    Mientras vas aprendiendo el idioma, puedes usar este diccionario en línea:

    En este sitio, puedes elegir entre varias voces rusas, que te pronuncian palabras o aún frases enteras:

    Por último, yo hablo y escribo el ruso muy bien y si te puedo ayudar en algo, pues con mucho gusto :)
    Es un idioma fascinante - te va a gustar mucho.

    Get a Russian girlfriend/friend. If you could offer them some English or interesting language, you should find it easy.

    try to learn a few words, who often speak

    Russian is a very ALIVE language, once it tied you, then impossible to get away even in your breath.

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