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Dimsum Menus


Hi guys!

I'd like to learn enough Hanzi to be able to read Dim Sum menus.

Could anyone take some pictures of authentic menus for me, so that I can study them? I'd really appreciate it :)

- Paul

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    I believe a Google search should get you where you need to be, but I found a handy picture showing a bunch of Dim Sum with their Chinese names:

    I think the list in this website may help you

    1面包布丁 Bread pudding
    2芒果幕司 Mango mousse
    3抹茶幕司 Green tea mousse
    4草莓幕司 Strawberry mousse
    5意大利奶酪幕司 Tiramisu
    6各类水果挞 Fruit tart
    7美式芝士蛋糕 American cheese cake
    8巧克力泥巴蛋糕 Chocolate mud cake
    9杏仁焦糖蛋糕 Almond caramel cake
    10开心果曲奇 Crisp pistachios than lunuo
    11黑森林蛋糕 Black forest cake
    12香草曲奇 Vanilla s
    13杏仁曲奇 Almond s
    14核桃曲奇 Walnut s
    15抹茶曲奇 Green tea s
    16巧克力曲奇 Chocolate chips
    17西红柿果冻 Tomato jelly
    18甜橙果冻 Sweet orange jelly
    19奶油布雷 Cream caramel
    20伯爵香草 Landgrave vanilla mousse
    21香橙派啡 Orange camp brown
    23巧克力布朗尼 Chocolate brownie
    24核桃派 Walnut pie
    25太阳饼干 Sunshine
    26澳洲小酥 Shortbread
    27低脂樱桃芝士 Low-fat cherry bogey disabilities

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