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What is the difference between 걱정이 태산이다 and 얼마나 걱정했는지몰라?

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    걱정이 태산이다 means you have a lot of concerns. And the concern is negative one.
    For example,
    1) My son lost all of his money due to gambling. 걱정이 태산이다 (about him)
    2) I haven't got a job yet while my family is starving. 걱정이 태산이다 (about myself and my family)

    얼마나 걱정했는지 몰라 means you have been worried about smoeone. The concern is postiive one- would better to call it care.
    For example,
    1) Where have you been, my dear? 얼마나 걱정했는지 몰라 (= I was worried if you were in trouble. I am happy to see you safely.)
    2) I heard that he woke up after having a surgery! 얼마나 걱정했는지 몰라 (this perwon was worried about the guy who had a surgery but now he or she is happy to know that the surgery went well.)

    I hope it helps :)

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