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Future Simple Tense in Farsi (Persian)

Hello! How do you create a sentence in the simple future tense colloquially or what is commonly used when speaking, not writing?

Thank you!

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    the formal form is using khaham, khahi, khahad, khahim, khahid, khahand. for example u say: man hafteye ayande be cinama khaham raft, but in informal way we say : man hafeteye ayande mikham beram cinama or man hafteye ayande miram cinema. another example: formal = doostam farda be khaneye man khahad amad, informal = doostam farda mikhad biad khonamoon or doostam farda miad khoonamoon. i hope it could help u, if not, just tell me

    maybe this link help you :D

    در حالت غیررسمی
    فردا می ره مدرسه
    سال دیگه می رن ایران
    آخرهفته با لیلا می رم سینما
    مریم گفت آخر هفته با لیلا می ره سینما
    شنبه می ری باغ وحش؟

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