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show me the diffrence pls =)

What is the diffrence between 입니다 and 입니까 ?? Like in 사랑합니다 and 사랑합니까 .

감사합니다 ^^

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    A verb(including adjective) in formal declarative sentences end with "-다", and "-까" is added instead of "-다" when questioning.:)

    This is an apple = 이것은 사과입니다.(formal)
    Is this an apple? = 이것은 사과입니까?

    I love you = 나는 당신을 사랑합니다.
    Do you love me? = 당신은 저를 사랑합니까?


    입니다 used in positive sentence and 입니까? Used fn negative sentence
    So 사랑합니다 means 'I love you' and 사랑합니까? Means ' am I love you'....

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