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Upload, hochladen?


My manager wanted me to translate upload to German. With upload is meant the uploading of changes from one system to another, synchronizing the changes. But to me the term is so technical, I think I could better leave it to 'upload'. Would any German use 'hochladen'? It sounds so strange to me, but in Dutch we more often adopt foreign words. (Not only English by the way, in the 19th century we adopted many French words for example.)

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    The German word for "upload" is "hochladen". In Germany "hochladen" is very formal and proper German. No one in Germany would say: Eine Datei uploaden. The correct one is "Eine Datei hochladen" oder "Videos in Youtube hochladen. There are many words adopted from the English languages such as: Internet, Smartphone, etc. but not upload!


    I am interested in this as well. What is interesting to me is that I have seen some different words used in different software. I also have seen "Neuladen" as refresh, and I seem to remember seeing 'Aufladen" used as upload. Let me try to find the other word that i have seen used.

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