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Which one is correct?


Which is correct of these two sentences? Or are both ok? Do they have a slightly different meaning?

נראה לי ששלמה הוא בן אדם טוב.

נראה לי ששלמה בן אדם טוב.

Thanks so much!

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    Both are correct and used in the daily conversation. There's not much difference, maybe in the first sentence there's more emphasis on שלמה.
    You can also say for example:
    נראה לי שפריז היא/זאת עיר יפה
    נראה לי שפריז עיר יפה

    In your sentence the "הוא" is called "אוגד" and it supposed to connect the subject to the object when there isn't any verb. this "אוגד" can be omitted the sentence will remain correct.

    שני המשפטים טובים. אפשר להשתמש בשניהם. זה אותו דבר.

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