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Do you use "dao + place + qu" or is it okay to just say "qu + place"?

When saying that you are going to a certain place, do you use "Dao + place + qu" or do you use "Qu + place"?

For example, when going to the Great Wall, would you say "Wo dao Changcheng qu".

Or can you say "Wo qu Changcheng".

Are both of these sentence patterns correct? If yes, then which one of the two is better to use?

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    yes,both are right,“Wo qu Changcheng” emphasizes the place you go,so when sb ask" nǐ qù nǎ lǐ ?",you`d better say "Wo qu Changcheng” ,,and when sb ask "nǐ dào nǎ lǐ qù?" you`d better say"wǒ dào chánɡ chénɡ qù "

    Actually we didn't say "wo dao chang cheng qu", usually we answer"wo yao qu chang cheng" for this question"where are you going?"

    jing 'answer is pretty beautiful

    "Dao + place + qu" 这个比较口语化,I think you should learn first written expression

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