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How would you explain this sentence?


Robin stood quite still, with her mouth slightly open, experiencing a moment of wonder that nobody who knew her could have understood. She had never confided in a solitary human being (even Matthew) her lifelong, secret, childish ambition. For this to happen today, of all days! It felt like a wink from God (and this too she somehow connected with the magic of the day; with Matthew, and the ring; even though, properly considered, they had no connection at all).

How would you explain this sentence: It felt like a wink from God?

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    A wink is closing one eye briefly, to give a signal that there is something understood between us, something that is a secret.
    It is as if God is saying "I understand and approve. It will be our secret."

    Another of the great references in the book. A wink from God is a signal confirming His agreement with her dream. Note that I capitalize a reference to the Deity.

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