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ima , finna, proly, ain't and My bad !!! XD

I've learned some confusing lazy tips about English, And i wanted to know your opinions (native English speakers) about it. So I don't know if these information are correct and common or not.
I just need to know what to use and what not to.

Then first tip was: saying "IMA" instead of "I'm going to".
Example: Ima take a walk.

2nd one: saying "finna", Actually i don't know its original expression but all what i knew about it is that it means "I'll" or "I'm going to".
Example: He's finna go.

3rd one: saying "proly" to express probably.

4th one: saying "ain't" instead of "am not", "is not", "are not", "has not", "have not" and "did not".
Example: This cup is not blue >> This cup ain't blue.

Also saying "My bad" to apology :D

And one of my U.S friends saying "Like" in one sentence more than once. I think it is not that necessary to repeat it like that.
"he is like....., i was like.... etc."

So, what do you think about these things guys!.

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    Ha, Ima. I just realized I use So, Ima is good.
    Finna, I wouldn't use it. I think they used that way back in the Not now though.
    Proly, I think I heard it before. But I guess if you and your friends use it, it's fine. If you do use, I'm guessing most people would get . I know I would.
    We use ain't, just don't make it habit.
    My bad is used among friends. If you don't know the person, the sincerity of the apology is lost.
    Sometime when you talk you need to say like a couple of times, but there are people who say like all the time when they talk.

    Hope this helps. Any questions just ask.

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