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what is the differences between "그만해 , 멈춰 , 정지 " ?

As you can see these words "그만해 , 멈춰 , 정지 " !
are the same meaning as "stop" but, do you use each word for some reason ?
\ can i use it in any where\ time i want to ?
\ can i mix these words ?
finally thank you very much :)

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    그만해. Don't do it. It's OK.
    멈춰. Don't move.
    정지 stop -> ex)driving your car stop a crosswalk. and go.

    sorry. my english skill bad.

    they are similar, to learn those words by definitions is ,I think, not an efficient way. you had better be familiar with some examples in a dictionary.

    for examples
    그만해라. 지루해서 못 들어 주겠다. (stop it. I can't bear your boring talking.)

    멈춰 , 움직이면 쏜다.freeze, if you move, I will shoot you.

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