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How do you say "LOL" in Chinese?

In online discussions, for instance by instant messenger, often I would use abbreviations like LOL, which means "Laughing Out Loud", to show emotions. Is there an equivalent in Chinese, that one might use, say, on QQ? Thanks for your help, ~~Andrew :)

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    Normally, "哈哈" is ok. For me,i will use "啊哈哈哈哈".I think it various depends on Personal habits.

    "233" is now frequentlly used within yonng people. and more "3"s there is, more laughing there will 23333333.
    hope it is helpful
    I don't know how to translate "LOL" into Chinese, but you could always say "haha" 哈哈 or "hehe" 呵呵.

    laugh out loud.
    We don't have the same idea in Chinese.

    "放聲大笑吧" Maybe it's like this but it's too formal in chatting. Sometimes it makes you awkward(or maybe kind of humor) if you are too formal.

    If you are referring to a game,I think it's LeagueOfLegends 英雄联盟
    If not so it means laugh out loud,放声大笑!

    i think you can use the emotion pictures in qq to express. in the charring window with someone you can find a smiling face picture or icon about in the middle of the chatting window, just click the icon and you will get a popup window containning a bunch of emotion icons you can choose

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