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When do I have to use letter Alif (ا) and Alif Maqsura (ى)?

What's the difference between them?

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    There're a lot of rules related to this point and if you were an advanced learner you'd understand them. For now, just pay attention to " al7oroof " prepositions and other tools since they all have alif maqsorah as in إلى متى حتى على .
    Verbs that have more than 3 letters usually have alif maqsorah as in انحنى استعلى ابتلى
    Verbs that have 3 letters are divided into 2 groups where the origin of the alif is either و or ي and to know that you have to form the masculine present tense of the verb , if it ends with و you have to write the alif mamdodah , and if it ends with ي you have to write the alif maqsorah as in
    دعا = يدعو
    صلى = يصلي
    these are not all the rules but I hope that'll help you.


    They're pronounced the same. But ى only come at the end of the word.
    You've to memorize the word as it's written.
    Some words that contain ى:
    على حتى متى إلى رمى يرى

    Hope this helps.

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