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Question about the chinese history in the new Confuzius movie with Chow Yun Fat

In the new movie "Confuzius" with Chow Yun Fat in the main role as Confuzius himself, he was for a long time in the kingdom of Wei, during the time of the 7 kingdoms. Now I wonder: Is this Wei they show in the movie the same Wei, which has been lead by Cao Cao during the time of the 3 kingdoms many years later? Or is it at least the predecessor? Is the name "Wei" written with the same character, or is the first Wei in the Confuzius movie written with a different character, than the name of Wei lead by Cao Cao?

In one scene, there has also been shown a city but then they suddenly said "Wu is attacking!" Same question here also. Is it the Wu, which later became one of the 3 kingdoms lead by Sun Jian? Or is it also a totally different Wu or at least the predecessor of the 3 kingdoms Wu?

Thanks for your help! o^_^o

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    I love Chinese history. I think you have to know its developmental rules. Chinese history alternates between split and unity.7 kingdoms and 3 kingdoms are different split periods. The latter is hundreds of years after the former.
    For quite a long time Confuzius stayed in Wei(卫),which was a small kingdom during the period of 7 main kingdoms.Later on, all the other kingdoms were defeated by Qin(秦), which was to become the first empire in Chinese history.But the empire soon crumbled into pieces and a new emperor(汉高祖) came into place.After the new emperor and his descendants ruled hundreds of years, the empire broke into many small kingdoms, which later unified into 3 kingdoms.Wei(魏)is one of the 3 kingdoms.

    sorry i'don't know do you know about chinese.but,it 's too difficult forme to answer in English

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