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ये वाक्य अनुवाद कीजिए। अध्यापक मेरी हिन्दी evaluate करेगा

Because I’ve never taken a hindi class, I don’t know my level, and I understand if I cannot begin in a higher level.

I’ve been studying hindi for two years. Or rather, I began studying hindi two years ago. I’ve been studying other languages the last few years, like chinese and farsi. But I decided that if I am to focus on one language in college, it must be hindi.

When I first decided to learn hindi, I read quickly through the book ‘elementary hindi’. And, I didn’t understand all of the book, but it helped me get into hindi more. Then, I mostly checked out books from the library about hindi grammar, and I tried to read children’s books.

Thank you very much for taking this time to evaluate my hindi. I am very grateful!

Additional Details:

I am very excited to study here in Seattle. There are so many languages spoken here and so many opportunities to practice hindi.

Whenever try to watch movies in hindi, they speak too fast. And I don’t really like how much ‘hinglish’ is spoken. On the rare times that I meet someone from India, I try to speak with them. But for me, speaking is way easier than listening. My listening-comprehension is my weakest part.

Hindi is the most beautiful language that I have heard. I think the writing system is beautiful too. But my two biggest reasons of learning is that I want to interact with local hindi-speaking communities. But also, I really want to go to India and live there.

I’m interested in indian culture. I love it. India’s music, food, dance, religions, clothes, art, and festivals are so fascinating. (and colorful) I don’t know much about indian history, but I plan on studying it.

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