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What does that mean 죽도록안하면걍죽는다 ?

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    죽도록 안하면 걍 죽는다

    I PERSONALLY think, 안하다 and 하지 않다 meanings are commonly the same.
    But 죽도록 안하다, 죽도록 하지 않다 are different.
    I classify them. But people sometimes don't classify them.
    So you should focus the situation.

    죽도록 하다 = to do it with your best

    1 죽도록 안하다
    최선을 다해서 안하다 to do nothing with someone's best

    2 죽도록 하지 않다
    누가 무언가를 하는데 죽도록 하는게 아니다 Someone do something but it's not that doing someone's best.

    죽도록 안하면 걍 죽는다
    When you do nothing with your best, you just die.

    죽도록 하지 않으면 1등을 하지 못한다.
    When it's not that your doing is your best, you don't win the first prize.

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