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Do these words mean any thing?

I was doing a Hiragana excersize and I had to change romji syllables into Hiragana and I was wondering if they mean anything in English?;


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    They're all actual words, here's their meanings:

    -くるま - 車 -Car
    あした -  明日 -Tomorrow
    こくせき - 国籍  -Nationality
    おすし -  お寿司 -Sushi
    たべる -  食べる -to east
    わからない - 分からない -I don't understand
    さずける - 授ける -to grant/award/teach
    りくつ -  理屈 -theory/reason
    たちよみ -  立ち読み -Standing and reading (like in a bookstore)
    ものまね -  物真似 -imitation
    ひがえり - 日帰り  -day trip
    ぽんず - ポン酢  -it's like a citrus soy sauce
    ひるめし - 昼飯  -lunch/midday meal
    れきし - 歴史  -history
    ふゆかい - 不愉快 -discomfort/unpleasantness

    As Sonya_Forest suggested, there are a lot of online resources for dictionaries and the like. If you have an iphone/ipad/ipod, check out either Kotoba or Japanese, two wonderful apps that helped me tremendously when I was in Japan. Also if you use Mozilla Firefox, get the Rikaichan add on. When activated, all you have to do is highlight any Japanese word and it comes up with a box that shows it's meaning and other helpful info. Hope that helps!


    くるま - a car
    あした - tomorrow
    おすし - sushi
    たべる - to eat
    わからない - I don't understand (I guess)

    lol I'm a begginer too. @_@

    You can use online dictionary, if you don't have "book".

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