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What the different between "buen" and "bueno"?

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    "Bueno" is an adjective that can be placed before or after the noun it modifies. But, if it goes before the noun, then you have to remove the "o". So:

    Ese hombre es bueno (это человек - хороший)
    Ese es un buen hombre (это хороший человек)

    This is only for the masculine, in the case of the feminine, there is no change:

    Esa mujer es buena (эта женщина хорошая)
    Esa es una buena mujer (это хорошая женщина)

    I hope this helps.


    Buen is used in front of noun = es un buen día

    Bueno is used after noun = es un chico bueno

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