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Que es la diferencia entre "andar" y "caminar"?

Seria util si puedes darme ejemplos tambien. Gracias!

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    Andar means to move or to work.

    El auto anda bien (the car runs/moves well)
    Las cosas andan de maravilla (things work/move wonderfully)
    Este computador no anda (this computer does not work)

    Also, "andar" can refer to one's business.

    ¿En qué anda, Cristóbal?
    Ando vendiendo libros

    What are you up to, Cirstóbal?
    I am selling books.

    "Caminar" only means "to walk".

    Caminamos por el parque esta tarde (we walked on the park this afternoon)

    Now, I have heard Mexicans using the verb "caminar" (to walk) referring to a car's moving, which is not very natural to me, but Mexican Spanish has certain influences that the rest of America does not seem to have.
    I hope this helps you.

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