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Could anyone tell me how theses pronounce differently?

How does ОНА and АННА pronounce diffrently?

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    1 There is different emphasis in these words:
    онА и Анна

    2. "нн" sounds longer than "н"

    Тhat's all.

    Neither of these are actual words, but if you just want the pronunciation, unfortunately there isn't really a way to describe the difference. You would have to hear the difference. The best I can do is say that:
    is oh ha
    is ah ha

    the sounds are self explanatory, so I can't really describe it.

    I'm sorry, I thought this was for English

    она - with short "o", almost "ана"
    Анна - double "н", "Ан-на"

    "анА" vs "Ан-на". "н" longer and stress is different.

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