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Is it true: French people hate to speak English?

It is widely spread and believed in China that French people would rathther not speak English if only circumstances permit.

1. I'd love to know if or to what extent this is the truth?
-------- And, If it's true, why?
-------- In what case you speak english and what case you don;t?

2. What's the primary foreign language for the French? And what secondary and tertiary?

3. About what centigrade of French people speak daiy English or above?

As I know the Brithish once take it pride to speak French of some of it. They often put one or two French lines in their fiction,most of them were not so much necessary.

Is it the case for taday's Brithish people? About what centage of them speak French?

------ ------ ------ Please answer in English( for facilitating my reading), if you wouldn't be offended. Nevertheles French is as welcome!

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