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reply to ursakta (swedish)

hello everybody! can someone tell me how I should respond to someone telling me ursakta? let's say they step on my foot unintentionally and apologize. How do I say "it's ok" or "don't worry about it" or whatever the usual response is?

thanks! <3

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    - Det är ok / it's ok
    - Det är lugnt / it's cool / alright
    - Ingen fara / literally: "no danger/risk", but the message is more like "don't worry".
    - Det gör inget / It doesn't matter / it's ok

    I would say "ingen fara" to strangers if they apologize for physical or emotional pain or something similar. If it's someone apologizing for cutting in line or eating the last cookie I would say "Det gör inget" instead. Although either one works in both cases. If my friend would do it do me I would just say "lugnt".

    You know that "Ursäkta" means "Excuse" or "Sorry".
    You can respond by saying: "Det är OK (It is OK)", or "Det gör inget (It is nothing)"
    Det = it / the
    är = is
    inget = nothing

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