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In an anime I was watching a character is asked to have another sake and he replies with すまねえな. The subtitle says thanks, but when I looked up the translation it says, "I'm sorry." Since he does take another sake I was wondering if this is just a polite refusal without saying no or just it's really old japanese. ありがとうございます!

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    すまねえな is same as すみません but すまねえな is mannish and a little rowdy. It's not a polite refusal or old. In the case you watched, すまねえな means thank you I guess, so I think the subtitle was correct.

    I believe すまねえな is the same of すみません (excuse me or I'm sorry).
    From what I know, sometimes japanese people say "excuse me" instead of "thank you", but with the meaning of thank you.
    Maybe it's as they excuse for your effort doing some favor to them.
    I hope it's clear (sorry for my english)

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