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Hand+sunrise+heart= worried??

I looked up the word "worried" in Chinese and I foudn the symbol "担心". As far as I know, each of the symbols mean hand, sunrise and heart. I can't find the connectiong between these words and come up with the word "worried". Can anyone explain to me the connection?
Thank you very much! :)

Ana :)

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    It has been simplified.
    1.traditional characters.:擔心
    There is no “sunrise” at all. :D

    擔:carry sth by shoulders ,心:heart
    so, 擔心 literally: carry one's heart by shoulders
    If you carry your heart by your shoulders, not put it inside your body, you must be worried. 放心(not worried ),literally : put heart down

    擔= 手+詹
    擔=to carry sth. by shoulders
    手=hand,詹=to talk too much ;foot
    I don't know how could it mean "to carry".It looks confusing.

    2.simplified characters 担心
    As Edward said, 旦 contributes to its sound. 擔 in 擔心 sounds like dan1(pinyin) and 旦 sounds like dan4. Thus the authority simplified 擔 into 担. It's easier to write but not quite different. (the left parts are the same)

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