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How do you get more advanced in Cantonese?


I have been living in Hong Kong for 2 years and my Cantonese and am finally able work comfortably and effectively in the language. I want to get better though with grammar and vocabulary because, I am not able to talk about stuff like politics or understand what is said on the news. Where do I go from here?

For learning: Chinese (Cantonese)
Base language: English
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    I guess watching TV series is the best way to learn Cantonese, because in TV series there will definitely be some idioms that we use often in our daily life, which are important parts of our daily life. BTW chatting with a native speaker could be a great way to learn Cantonese , which i guess i can help you. And i am seeking for someone who can speak English as a native speaker.·><

    watching some movies,and learn,maybe you can listen some music about cantonese

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