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what do these phrases mean?

what do these phrases mean?
pull apart
pull together
come together
esp.when they are in one sentence.

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    Well .......there's a lot of possible meanings:
    pull apart: to dismember or to separate something,
    while pull together: to close things to each other such as sliding doors.
    so pull together & pull apart can be the opposites of each other.

    other possible meanings:
    pull someone apart :is to separate people who are entangled / to cause someone grief (just like torn me apart)
    the police pulled the fighting men apart.
    or his sudden death had pulled me apart.

    Pull together: to tidy things up / to arrange sth like a party / to cooperate as a team
    my room is in a mess , i'll pull things together
    or let's all pull together to win this match.

    meanwhile, come together: to touch or to meet
    we came together at cinema.

    In one sentence , it may looks like:
    Pull them apart, pull them together , or let them come together
    separate them , close them ,or let them meet together

    Hope that helped ;)

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