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How to distinguish masculine and feminine nouns?

Most nouns ending in "a" or "h" sound are masculine and those ending in "i" are feminine, but how about the words ending with other letters, like "zabaan"?
To form the plural of a noun I need to know its gender. My question is how to know it?

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    There is another rule:
    The words ending in t (derived from arabic) are feminine. For example:
    court: adalat, wisdom: hikmat, time (hour): sa'at, calamity: maseebat.
    Otherwise you have to learn gender of each noun.


    We have Masculine & Feminine nouns. Their are some tricks to distinguish. Normally ending in "aa" are Masculine. eg:
    1.Abaa = Father
    2.Chachaa = Uncle
    3.Dadaa = Grandfather.
    4.Bakraa = Male gote.
    Normally ending in " i i " are Feminine eg:
    1. Ummii = Mother.
    2. Chuchii = Aunty.
    3.Dadii = Grandmother.
    4.Buchii = Young girl .
    Now about " Zabaan " eg:
    Zabaan dukh rahi hai ( Feminine)
    For to distinguish other words, you may consult me.
    Please keep up this good work.

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