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Since I learned this from what should be a reliable source, my understanding should be correct (airplane landing gear). However, does this word also apply to the skids or wheels on a helicopter? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ich glaube meinen Idee oder Verstaendniss soll sein Korrekt. Ich lernte diese Woert von eines zuverlaessige Quelle. Helicopter = hmmm....Hubschrauber (m.), nicht ,,Helikopter''. Skid = ich weiss nicht.

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    landing gear = Fahrwerk ("fahren" (drive) + "werk" (roughly gear))

    Hauptfahrwerk (note the t) = main landing gear

    I suppose that's used in case there are several, e.g. an additional auxiliary landing gear = Hilfsfahrwerk

    skids = Kufen

    Yes, "Fahrwerk" also applies to a helicopter ( But I doubt "Hauptfahrwerk" applies, because there should only be a single one.

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