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what are difference between 认为 ,想and 觉得?please

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    1.认为(think):make a judgment(做出某种判断):What do you think of this book?你认为(觉 得)这本书怎么样?
    =consider(考虑):I am thinking the answer to this question.我正在想这道题的答案。
    =hope(希望):I hope I can be a teacher.我想成为一名教师。
    =miss(想念):I miss you.我想你。
    =imagine(想象):I can't imagine life without electricity.我不敢想没有电的生活。
    =feel:I feel cold.我觉得很冷。

    認為 think
    我認為你是對的 I think you are right
    想 want/think
    我想你是對的 I think you are right
    我想吃餅乾 I want to eat cookies
    覺得 feel/ feel like
    我覺得你是對的 I feel like that you are right.
    我覺得冷 I feel cold
    Sometimes they are similar but sometimes they are really different.Anyway, take it easy:)

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