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How to start basic arabic conversation?

When we meet anyone around us.How can we start communication??

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    when in an arabian country you should say
    salamu-alikum السلام عليكم
    then introduce your self if the person dont know you
    or ask about how is it going ?
    kaif al-hal?
    كيف الحال ؟

    or Ezayak?
    إزيك ؟ which used in Egypt a lot

    you can say " salam alikoum "
    how are you = keif halak كيف حالك
    good and you = jeid wa ant , anti ( fem ) جيد و انت- جيدة
    what s your name = ma esmek ? esmeki ( fem ) ماهو اسمك -
    my name is = esmi howa .. اسمي هو
    what are you doing ? = mada tefaal = ماذا تفعل

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