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so i thought that: 云 meant 'cloud' for example: 天上没有云。
But why in my book does it say it can also mean: "Say / speak" ?? And then it also very conveniently doesn't give an example.

Anyone got any ideas?!

Thanks guys!! 0(O.O)0


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    [ ] says it is literary use.
    [ ] says it's classical.

    From [ ]:

    Xiaozhang is always repeating what others say, a complete yes man.

    meant 'cloud’ is a modern Chinese word.
    meant 'say/speak' is an ancient Chinese word,and it is no longer used.For example:“古语有云”means 'as the old saying said...'.But it is an idiom“人云亦云”used now,it means you say whatever people say.

    云 :


    云 本來是 cloud 的象形
    後來添加了 雨 rain 使成 雲
    而 云 就作 say / speak 用

    很早很早以前這二字 就已經分化了 各自承擔不同的意義
    哪知 中共簡化漢字 又將他們混同了

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