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Ano ang English ng Kilig / Kinikilig ako?

Ano ang English ng Kilig, Kinikilig ako at nakakakilig ka naman.

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    Smitten, love-struck, butterflies in the stomach. Hm... Twitterpated, slang though, is the precise translation I think. :S

    Kilig => inexplicable joy; it has no direct/exact translation in English.

    Kinikilig ako (because of a person) => having shudders / uncontrollable smiling / shivers down one's spine / fuzzy feeling
    -----> Kinilig ako nung nakita ko siya sa panaginip ko kagabi.
    -----> I had shudders when I saw him in my dream last night.

    Nakakakilig ka naman. => You make me feel fuzzy.
    Kinikilig ako dahil sayo. => I'm feeling fuzzy because of you. / I'm having shudders because of you.


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