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Could someone please translate "e esai opo". I believe it's Indonesian/Javanese.

Thanks so much :)

Additional Details:

Hi again and that's to all that have helped so far.

We think that these phrases may help interpret the meaning for us.

Can someone please shed some light on:
Eh km td analogi e esai opo? Definisi luas a? Aq salaaahh onn aq cara

Thanks again

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    esai=essay... opo=what.. probably there're some words missing before the "e"..yes it's javanese

    e esai opo = boso Jowo ngoko (ngoko javanese)

    opo= apa= what ....(question)
    maybe what you heard was

    saiki dino opo? (what day is it?)
    utowo (or)
    iki opo? (what is it?)

    Maybe you heard "Eh km td analogi ne esai opo? Definisi luas ta? Aq salaaahh, wong aq cara..."

    "hey, for analogy, which essay did you draw an analogy for?...."
    maybe it's "ne" means "nya" that you heard.

    Hope this helps.

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