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What is the diffrent between 이 / 기 ?!

I know that 는 / 은 are the subject particles and I know the diffrents between them >< but I just knew that 이 / 기 are subject particles as well ;-; When should I use 이 and when should I use 기 ?!
감사합니다 ^ㅠ^

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    When a noun as a subject ends with a last consonant(=받침), then used "이" instead of "가".
    꽃(flower) =ㄲ + ㅗ + ㅊ(=last consonant, 받침) >> 꽃 + 이 not 꽃 + 가
    사과(apple) > 사 + ㄱ+ㅘ(doesn't have 받침) >> 사과 + 가 not 사과 + 이


    speaking easily, it is because of an easy pronunciation.
    a serial consonants is difficult to make sound
    a serial vowals is making a meaning vague.
    so, I think in many languages, one consonant(or two consonants) and a vowel appear in turns.

    ex 사람이~//사람(it ends with a consonant)+이(it start with a vowel-'o' is just making a position without sound. so ' ㅣ' only makes sound as a vowel)
    바다가~//바다 (ends with a vowel-'ㅏ')+가(it start with a consonant-"ㄱ")

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