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What words (in what tone) should I avoid while commucicating with chinese people?

I know that the word bi in the wrong tone can offend your partner

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    something like 草泥马 is a different character for 操你妈 which sounds the same ,that means mother fuck and number 4 ,cos it sounds same like 死 means death, like some hotel in china there's no room like 414 or 424, only 411,412, 413, 415,some ppl really hate that expecaily the old and conservative one,and u need to be careful with the tones(u know there're 4tones), let me give u an example, once there's a foreigner that can speak good chinese ,he works in a company in china, and one day he need to call he's customer who is a general manager with a surname 叶,so we would call him 叶总 in chinese, 叶 with the fourth tone, and he said it out with the third tone, turns out to be 野种,that means bastard or son of bitch,and that made his customer very mad and hung up ,so just work with the tones and it's ok

    In China, people don't like to talk about death. So you may avoid the character "死“。But for young people, there's not so many taboos.

    about sex

    Don't be too open, the Chinese are more traditional.

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