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쪽 and 편


Is there any difference between 쪽 and 편 when using their meanings as direction/side?

Thanks in advance, Lukas.

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    "쪽" is usually used to refer to "a specific direction", on the othe hand, "편(=便)" which is a Sino-Korean word is more like "to lean to one side(=쪽)".:)

    오른쪽 >> the right side
    오른 쪽 편 >> to lean to the right side, "not exactly the right side"


    As far as I can tell, 쪽 is more along the lines of side as in "east, north, left, right, right side window, left side of room". 편 is more like "im on your side" "the opposite side of the debate" "the other way of thinking things" "the other teams side".

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