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How should I go about learning Chinese characters?

I want to start learning Chinese characters but I'm not quite sure how to begin. I've used this site learnchineseez and I don't know it it's of high quality. Any tips and suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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    Hi.. I was checking your website.. and I think it's good, I like when you click in a character.. and then it shows you the right way to write it, step by step. Don't worry, it's of high quality. It would be better if you try to write all the words you are learning, repeating will be the best way to learn them.
    Try to imitate the shape of the character (when it shows you the strokes).. that's how you must write the characters.

    I have looked through your mentioned website. I think it is great for a beginner except that there is no vowel and consanant material which is very important for you to pronounce chinese charater correctly. The first lesson for chinese kids to learn their mother language is also to begin with vowel and consanant table.

    i find a website link for you. Here 普通话声母表 means mandarin consanant table. 普通话韵母表 means mandarin vowel table. Good luck!


    I think is hands down the best way to learn characters. It's a subscription, but I think well worth it. Best accessed as an app. You can get a free trial.

    Try for learning chinese chracters, its brilliant!

    this one is the best, teaches you how to write, how to pronounce and provides you with animations of verbs. You can also practice your chinese writing skills on the page, so give it a try.

    make some chinese friends for speaking practice, it works !!

    well, try this website, and click the first line "learn how to write chinese characters" and every character shows there can be click into,it has pinyin,examples, meaning in english,pronunciations to listen and how to write in hand , hope it helps

    1 a symbol is a picture
    2 a picture is a meaning
    3 a word can consist of 1, 2, 3, 4 or more pictures
    4 language consists of words therefore learning separate symbols is useless
    5 in China they are Simplified, in Taiwan and Canton they are Traditional
    6 they consist of parts: 封 => 土 and 土and 寸

    I run a site called Chinese Tutor that should help you with reading Chinese characters. Please let me know any feedback you have!

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