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How would you explan the Pa+[word] affix

I am still a beginner.

I have read that pa+[word] in general is a sort of passive verb 'to become more of [word]'.

ibaba = going down. paibaba = downward. lihim = secret palihim = secretly.

is this correct? is there more to it?

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    The way you're using it here, the pa- prefix indicates that the actor is moving in a certain direction. Another example would be papunta:

    "Sumakay ka ng jeepney papunta sa mall." / "Ride (you) a jeepney going to the mall."
    "Lumakad na sila pauwi." / "They already walked home."

    There are other ways to use pa- in addition to this, including demonstrating causation.

    "Ipapagawa ko ito sa iyo." / "I will make you do this."
    "Nagpabili siya ng sagin sa akin." / "She asked me to buy her a banana."
    "Pinakain nya ang bata." / "He fed the child."

    Keep it up!

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