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"Според новия Закон за здравето здравно осигурените са длъжни да се грижат за своето здраве и ако не отидат нито веднъж през годината на преглед, ще бъдат глобявани от 50 до 100 лв… Все още обаче не е известно дали това ще става чрез фиш, акт или глобата ще се плаща заедно с данъците."

It's my understanding that a "фиш" is what we call in English a "ticket", i.e. a slip of paper which you are given by a police officer when you violate a traffic regulation. You can pay the fine for the violation at any police station. You do not have to appear in court, unless you want to contest the ticket.

What then is the difference in Bulgaria between a "фиш" and an "акт"? And how would you translate the word "акт" into English?

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    "There is thin line between.." "фиш" and an "акт"...
    I am not sure if somebody knows what is the difference.
    When we are talking about driving, difference is that when you have фиш, you can continue driving. Фиш is when the fine is less than 50 BGN. Акт, as I have been told, is more than 50 BGN, they take your driving licence and you can't drive until you don't pay the fine. But. In this case, I have no idea what they mean. Sorry, I can't help this time.

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