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Could someone explain me what 's the meaning of ''daran'' in this clause?

und du mußt wirklich taub und blind sein, wenn du in Deutschland daran vorbeigehen kannst.

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    It means "at it" or "of it"
    , if you can pass at it in Germany


    "daran" is called prepositional pronoun.
    you have: vorbeigehen an etwas (pass by "at" )
    Vorbeigehen always comes with an! They belong together like Ernie and Bert!
    Ok, a preposition needs a noun. Alway. I can't say: I ask you about. ABOUT WHAT?
    Ok, next problem: there is no noun. There was a noun, in the last sentence. Now it's gone...
    What do we do? We say "DAran" the "da" refers to the before mentioned noun.
    Only you know the other sentence...
    But i'll give you an example:
    Ich möchte mir nichts kaufen. Wenn ich einen Laden sehe, gehe ich daran vorbei (Wenn ich einen Laden sehe, gehe ich an dem Laden vorbei)
    you see, twice the same noun soounds stupid, so we use "da" :)

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