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In Arabic, how do you say: "That's an interesting question?"

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    everything said from Badre is correct, you can use them all, they have the same meaning. Therefore, I am going to give you the right one with respecting the sense and the translation.
    that's an interesting question: هذا سؤال مثير للإهتمام [haathaa su-aalun mutheerun lil-ihtimaam]

    hi zenobia
    the response looks like this:

    إنه لسؤال جيد
    إنه لسؤال مثير للإهتمام

    مع كل تحياتي- kind regards

    إنه لسؤال مثير للإهتمام

    هذا سؤال مثير للإهتمام

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