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Correct translating of 사랑하는 여자?

The woman who loves? Or beloved woman?

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    It means the girl who is falling in love. The noun phrase is the combination btw Verb + 는 and the noun.


    기다리는 남자: the man who is waiting
    고부하는 학생: the student who is learning
    춤을 추는 여자: the girl who is dancing

    It means both actually, but it needs more sentences for proper translation.
    여기 제나는 내가 [사랑하는 여자]야 = This is Janna [who my beloved].
    사랑하는 여자 = 사랑을 하고 있는 여자 = 사랑에 빠진 여자 = means the women who in love.

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