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How do you say in Hebrew "The ones that"



Could you give me the books please, THE ONES THAT have the blue cover first, then THE ONES THAT have a green cover?

Is it אלה or האלה, or something else?

Could someone translate this sentence?

Thanks so much

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    אתה יכול לתת לי את הספרים בבקשה? קודם (את) אלה עם הכריכה הכחולה, ואחר כך / ואז / ואחריהם (את) אלה עם הכריכה הירוקה.

    "את" may be omitted
    "האלה" is akin to saying "the those", but saying so won't raise any eyebrows. it's a mistake common enough i bet it'll come to be accepted as correct form in few decades.

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