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    no. i've been to the all of the states on the east coast of the united states. wher have you been?
    nai.I have been there 2 times..and I will go once again..and not once I hope.This year I want to visit Krete...or Thesaloniki.I cant live without this wolderfull country.Ellada, se agapao!!!
    Yes, I have been in Crete. Just like in paradise!!!
    i never go to Greece,but there is long past history shared between Egypt and Greece,do u know?

    I've never been to Greece, but I would love to. I hope the next year I can finally visit it.
    What Iove about Greece is their ancient history and their mithology.

    No I havent :(
    Maybe in the future we can organise some italki meeting in Greece :)

    No,but I have met some Greek people and can say that we are very similar...
    And for sure in the future will arrange something to pay a visit:)

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