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i need short explanation and one or two example sentences for each of the following expressions


I need short explanation and one or two sentences example to use the following expressions: (italki)

1. 让我怎么说你


3. 洗得还不错

4。 你至于吗?
(are you kidding?)

5.给力! 太给力!

thanks a lot!

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    1. 让我怎么说你
    I don't know what to say about you. It's like I'm speechless with what you've done and you say this to people because you're angry or disappointed.

    It's like You Wish in English so it's a sarcastic way of saying something you don't agree with or something you will never do.
    他能准时到这儿才怪了(usually we omit the 了 here to make it more concise)!

    3. 洗得还不错
    In Chinese 洗 has more meanings than to wash. Here it might mean someone developed very good pictures or did the laundry very well.

    4. 你至于吗?
    (are you kidding?) I agree with this. But it sounds more like blaming someone for doing bad things.

    5.给力! 太给力!
    Some Chinese people have made a brand new English word for this which is geilivable. But it's like Awesome or Great in English.

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