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What does "raça" means in (Brazilian) Portuguese ?


When this word is associated with martial arts and combat sports, I've been told that it is something between race/breed and willingness, but I don't get how to mix those two meanings.
Can you explain this meaning or do you have a synonym in English ?


Additional Details:

"Race" is definitely the first meaning.
But I'm looking for details about what "raça" means when used like this:
-- (no peito e) na raça
-- ter raça: to have guts

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    It's slang. 'Raça' , as slang, means you're doing something with all your dedication, or you did something in a very hard way.
    Example: "Vencemos esse jogo com muita raça." (We won the game using our dedication, all our ability).
    Example: "Ele não tinha todos os recursos para fazer algo, foi na raça." (He didn't have all the means to do something, then he tried even this way, having less conditions.)
    I'm not sure if there's a synonym in English.

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