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what are the present tense for these verbs?

could someone tell me these verbs in the present tense (he) , with tashkeel, thanks

دَمَجَ - to merge,
نَبَحَ - to bark
كَشّرَ - to grin/bare one teeth
خَضَعَ - , to obey, comply with
اِنْتَبَهَ - to pay attention to, to notice
عَهِدَ - to promise, pledge

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    دَمَجَ = يَدْمِجُ
    نَبَحَ = يَنْبَحُ
    كَشّرَ = يُكَشِّرُ
    خَضَعَ = يَخْضَعُ
    اِنْتَبَهَ = يَنْتَبِهُ
    عَهِدَ = يَعْهَدُ

    hi abdi

    هو يَدْمُجُ

    هو يَنْبَحُ

    هو يُكَشِّرُ

    هو يَخْضَعُ

    هو يَنْتَبِهُ

    هو يَعْهَدُ


    You can put ى character before every word

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