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How do I write "Welcome to the United States, Feng-Lan!" in Chinese?

My husband and I are welcoming a foreign exchange student from Taiwan and we want to make a poster for her arrival. We thought it would be a nice touch if one side had her native language on it and the other the English with her pseudonym, Michelle. However, we have no idea how to write Traditional Chinese. Does it go from left to right or top to bottom? Are there spaces between words? Please help!

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    Since your exchange student is from Taiwan, it is best to use traditional characters, as follow:

    Michelle, 歡迎來到美國!

    You can cut and paste this into any word processing program, and print a banner. Since the banner is likely to be horizontal, the direction is from left to right, and no spaces are necessary. Since you probably do not know how to write "Feng-Lan" in Chinese characters, I suggest just writing Michelle. "Feng Lan" can be written with multiple characters and by arbitrarily choosing something by guessing, it is likely even native speakers of Chinese will get it wrong.

    欢迎来到美国! Feng-Lan
    Don`t need any space between words.From left to right. And she is a Taiwanese,right? Then u can write it in traditional Chinese,but ur Chinese is not good ,right? So u can write it in simplified Chinese too, she can understand.


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